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1/2 Violin Vintage Secondhand Skylark

Information: This vintage 1/2 size violin was made in China c.1970 and is in excellent condition. It is suitable for a beginner and has a bright and resonant sound.


It comes with a dart shaped case, brazilwood bow, and Leto rosin.

1/2 Skylark MV008 violin (c.1970) with case/bow

SKU: VF-11
  • Once purchased, this violin can be traded in if the player wishes to purchase an alternative instrument from the studio . The policy is subject to the following conditions:

    1. This violin must have remained in good condition.
    2. A servicing fee will be charged. This fee varies depending on the amount of servicing required.
    3. The trade-in can be for a violin of equal but not lower value.
    4. If traded in for a violin of greater value, the additional difference will be payable.
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