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7/8 4/4 Violin Antique Old German



Suitability: Intermediate


Tone qualities: Alto, mature, mellow, deep, rounded


Varnish: Chestnut brown


Strings: Pirastro Obligato


Fittings: Mountain mahogany pegs, cherry French tailpiece, boxwood Teka chinrest


Information: This antique violin was made in Germany c.1800. It is built in the older style with a through-neck, and ribs lined with linen. The violin contains a repair label from 1891. It has a number of repairs and has been further restored in 2021.


Known as a "small pattern" 4/4 violin (between 4/4 and 7/8 size), this violin is lightweight and well suited to a teenager or smaller adult. The sound is mature yet gentle, with noticeable depth on the lower strings. The balanced mellowness of the tone makes it easy to create a good sound.


If a case or bow is required, we have a selection available in the studio.

4/4 (7/8) German violin (c.1800)

SKU: V-20
  • Once purchased, this violin can be traded in if the player wishes to purchase an alternative instrument from the studio . The policy is subject to the following conditions:

    1. This violin must have remained in good condition.
    2. A servicing fee will be charged. This fee varies depending on the amount of servicing required.
    3. The trade-in can be for a violin of equal but not lower value.
    4. If traded in for a violin of greater value, the additional difference will be payable.
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