What is the youngest age that you teach?

I teach from age 4 upwards. I recommend that very young students have basic reading and counting skills before starting violin. Students younger than 4 may benefit from a general music class for preschoolers instead.

Do you teach adults?

Yes, I teach adults of all levels from beginner to advanced.

Do I already need to be able to read music to learn violin?

No, this is not necessary for a beginner. You will learn how to read sheet music along with your violin skills.

Do I need my own instrument? Where can I buy or hire a violin?

All students need to have their own violin. I can measure young students prior to their first lesson to make sure they have the correct sized instrument. Adult students require a 4/4, or occasionally 3/4 size violin. I recommend Sydney String Centre (www.violins.com.au) for violin hire or purchase. Please note shoulder rests are not included in standard violin packages and will need to be purchased separately.

I am a parent, can I sit in the room during my child's lesson?

Yes of course! Parents are welcome to watch every lesson and see how their child is progressing. For young children it can be helpful for parents to see what they need to practice at home. If you are unable to attend your child's lesson, I will send you a video of their violin playing from time to time so you can watch their progress.

How soon after starting lessons will I become proficient at violin?

There is no easy answer to this question as every student has a different musical background, physicality, level of understanding, and practice ethic. The average student can expect to take 12-18 months to complete an AMEB grade level (some students will progress faster, and some slower). Students who develop a strong daily practice habit can expect to see the fastest progress.

What will I learn during my lesson?

The lesson structure varies depending on the level of the student. Young children learn movement, rhythm, and pitch skills plus correct violin/bow posture, before learning to read and play simple music notation. For older children and adults we follow a traditional lesson structure of warmups, scales/arpeggios, exercises, etudes, repertoire, sight reading, and aural skills. Not all of these elements will be present during every lesson. However you can generally expect about half of your lesson to focus on technique, and about half on repertoire. The repertoire you will learn spans all major violin styles and time periods from classical to contemporary. There is a very strong focus on using correct technique for efficient fingering, and applying the accepted choreography of the bow in order to produce a quality sound, rather than just "playing the notes".

Do you teach Suzuki method?

No, I am not a Suzuki teacher. However some of the pieces you learn may also be found in various Suzuki books.

Do you teach group lessons?

Group lessons are generally not available as each student has a unique pattern of strengths, challenges, and aims. Lessons are planned and structured to fit each individual student's needs.

Are violin exams available?

Optional AMEB violin exams are held during Term 3 each year. Please discuss with me if you are interested, or visit www.ameb.nsw.edu.au for further information. Music theory exams are required for some advanced students as a pre-requisite for their violin exam, and can be taken at any time during the year.

When will you next be opening up the waiting list for applications?

The waiting list is open from early Dec to end of Jan each year. It may also open at selected times during the year. The current waiting period for an ongoing lesson timeslot is approx. 12 months.

Why do I have to wait to be offered a lesson timeslot?

There are a limited number of timeslots in the lesson schedule, and most students continue their lessons on an ongoing basis. As such, lesson times don't become available very frequently. I advise potential students to keep an eye on the website to see when I am next accepting new applications. I may be able to recommend another teacher for you in the meantime.

Can I book in for casual or school holiday lessons if there is no regular timeslot available?

Yes, this is certainly possible. If you let me which day/times you are available I can notify you when there is a casual opening that might suit you. However please note I can't predict if/when a casual timeslot will become available, and it is often at short notice.

How can I pay you?

Casual students pay the full fee per lesson. All ongoing students are entitled to the discounted package fee paid every four lessons. Invoices are sent via email after the first lesson in each set of four. Payment can be made via bank transfer, cash, or online via credit/debit card. The Broadway Violin School is a NSW Creative Kids registered provider. Students aged 4.5 to 18 years are entitled to a free $100 lesson voucher per calendar year. Please visit www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/creative-kids to apply.

Do you teach viola or piano as well?

Currently I am not offering viola lessons. Piano lessons are available for selected students.

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