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4/4 Violin Vintage Old Intermediate Gotz

Suitability: Intermediate


Tone qualities: Soprano, warm, bright, resonant


Varnish: Flame orange over gold


Strings: Thomastik Dominant (made in Vienna)


Fittings: Ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard, Wittner tailpiece with 4 x fine tuners, ebony Dresden chinrest


Information: This vintage 4/4 size violin was made in Markneukirchen, Germany in 1971 and contains a label stating "Conrad A. Gotz / Mod. Nr. 115".


A well made and finished violin with an overall warm and penetrating tone. This tonal warmth is reflected in the antiqued orange and gold shades of varnish. The pegs and end button have decorative ivory-look pins, and the neck button has been set with an ebony crown. There is a small repair to the lower corner of the right C bout.


If a case or bow is required, we have a selection of new and secondhand items available in the studio.

4/4 Conrad Gotz #115 violin (1971)

SKU: V-18
$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,400.00Sale Price
  • Once purchased, this violin can be traded in if the player needs to upgrade to a more advanced instrument from the studio. The policy is subject to the following conditions:

    1. This violin must have remained in good condition.
    2. A servicing fee will be charged. This fee varies depending on the amount of servicing required.
    3. The trade-in can be for a violin of equal but not lower value.
    4. If traded in for a violin of greater value, the additional difference will be payable.
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